A big Steve/Bucky artwork that required a looot of work (I stopped counting after 40 hours to be honest). I know, I know, canon wise it doesn’t make any sense. Let’s just say that it’s the big second Chitauri attack of 2014 (it totally happened…*cough*)

Bonus: Bucky’s Instagram.

(Photoshop CS6 - Painter 12) - A big thank you to Beccj for the English beta ♥

The details on this are just lovely to behold.

Dead sloths move faster than this painting. >.<
Quite why I said I’d paint this for a friend is now completely lost to me, as is my justification for going totally hyperreal with it. — Oh right, that’s because she’d like a print of it.
My eyes are bleeding. Yes, I know it’s all my fault, but I get to whine anyway.

Dead sloths move faster than this painting. >.<

Quite why I said I’d paint this for a friend is now completely lost to me, as is my justification for going totally hyperreal with it. — Oh right, that’s because she’d like a print of it.

My eyes are bleeding. Yes, I know it’s all my fault, but I get to whine anyway.

toraberushimeri said: Out of all of Les Amis, who do you think would be the most likely to randomly show up to a meeting with a baby goat?


See, this is a difficult question not because I think any of them wouldn’t but because I think they all definitely would.

Enjolras shows up in a temper because someone was abusing a baby goat and who does things like that and raging about the injustices of animal abuse while cuddling the baby.

Combeferre is goat-sitting and enthuses about the many and varied uses for goats and has his goat litter-trained and thus figures he may as well bring it out to get socialized.

Courfeyrac confiscated the kid because it was being held as evidence at the police station or something and it was bleating and really, Enjolras, what was he supposed to do, leave it there?

One of Feuilly’s neighbors had the goat but couldn’t take care of it anymore, so he took it in, and it’s still young enough to need frequent feeding, so he brings it to the meeting.

Jehan turns up with the goat following at his heels, announces he’s named it Eurydice because it followed him out of hell, and declines to explain further. When Combeferre points out it is a boy goat he only gets a withering look in response.

Joly and Bossuet turn up with a goat, Bossuet’s arm in a sling, and about six bags full of potential goat foods Joly wants to try. Both of them look very shifty. They all decide it is probably best not to ask.

Bahorel met this dude with a baller goat, and the dude was totally an asshole, so he punched him out and took the goat. The goat’s name is Rex. Like T. Rex, Enjolras, cool it, I’m not indoctrinating my goat into the monarchy.

Some model for one of Grantaire’s art classes came with a goat because they thought it would make for a good ~pastoral painting~ or something, and then left the goat there, so Grantaire shrugged and brought it with him. It’s named Bottle. Shut up, Courfeyrac, that’s a totally legit goat name.

Marius does not know why this goat is following him will someone please help him and stop giggling and taking pictures :(((((

Reblogging this in hopes that someone will illustrate it.

Because I was curious about the Can We Guess Who You Are quiz that’s been making the rounds. 

Here is our best guess at who you are:
1. You are male.
2. You are currently in your mid fifties, still working hard and enjoying every minute of it.
3. You are starting to go bald, but you don’t care about it as much as you thought you would when you were younger. You still have your good looks, your gray eyes and your sense of humor. 
4. You have a beautiful loving family, great life-long friends, even the doctor is happy with your annual check up!
5. Things are generally good, and you just wish they’ll stay that way for much, much longer.

Fifties? FIFTIES??? Just because I don’t drink?

Also, I am not Combeferre, damn you. I still have a full head of hair, and yes, I would care very much if it started going thin.

A couple of idle pen-and-marker doodles I did while sitting on the patio with my dogs this evening. Any strange marks/wrinkles you may or may not see were caused by Schuyler trying to help.


John Brosio

John Brosio is a painter based out of sunny Pasadena, California, USA. Brosio’s work has a very subtle humorous element that caught my attention, and I definitely appreciate his wit in combination with this awesome painting abilities. What the hell do you do when a giant octopus is just chilling on top of your house?







Do I have to bring this back?

Beverage warning applies. Uploader will not be responsible if anyone’s keyboard has a sudden accident with liquid.

Friends, listen to this.  It takes 10 seconds and will drastically improve the quality of your existence.




I’m bringing this back

I am constitutionally incapable of scrolling past this without listening to it at least three times.

This is probably the best part of tenlittlebullet’s audio collection of Les Mis bloopers and other horrorshilarious moments. 

[If anyone here has not yet heard the compiled version uploaded by lesmisloony, they need to go do it now.]



Artist Telmo Pieper Repaints His Own Childhood Drawings

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That snail is so adorable!!!



Mass Effect styled Jaegers. 



I love that almost all of them have Omni-Blades. <3 Not to mention that there’s the implication that the Quarians spend equal amounts of time physically fighting *and* hacking.



Zheng Chunhui, a famous Chinese wood carver spent 4 years engineering this master piece from a single tree. Based on a famous Chinese painting “Along the River During the Quingming Festival” the carving echoes the daily life of the 12th century Chinese local. The level of detail is stunning!


I have a print of the original scroll, which was crazy detailed enough. This takes it to a whole new level of insane.